Vibrant Riso Prints Turn Holiday Cards

We have been experimenting with Risograph printing for a while as we love the color vibrancy. There is only a limited number of colors available and inks can only be mixed by printing on top of each other, which creates the unique ‘Riso’ look. The limitations of colors has been our inspiration to create brand new collections of 1, 2 and 3 color patterns. Some of these new prints make their way out into the world as our studio’s seasonal greetings. Happy Holidays!

Colour: From Vision to Print

Colour proofing is a big thing at Kapitza studio. When designing at the screen, we know exactly how we want the colours to print. We literally ‘see’ them. So, when a colour proof arrives in the studio, we are always curious to see how far apart the result is from our imagination, or how close. As we have extensive experience specifying colours for printing, the results are usually really close and just need a bit of tweaking. These proofs are for one of our new ‘mt masking tape’ designs ‘Symbols’.