Colour: From Vision to Print

Colour proofing is a big thing at Kapitza studio. When designing at the screen, we know exactly how we want the colours to print. We literally ‘see’ them. So, when a colour proof arrives in the studio, we are always curious to see how far apart the result is from our imagination, or how close. As we have extensive experience specifying colours for printing, the results are usually really close and just need a bit of tweaking. These proofs are for one of our new ‘mt masking tape’ designs ‘Symbols’.

Kapitza Prints for Hotel in Munich

It's great to finally see our exclusively designed prints on paper! For this commission of art prints, we worked closely with the interior architects to complement the interiors of a newly build apartment hotel in Munich. The prints add a splash of colour and interest to every room. We developed a concept for the motifs, colours and grouping of prints in every apartment, and the outcome is stunning. The prints have left our studio this week and we can't wait to see them on the walls!